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Welcome to the ‘International Rivulid Conservation Program’, which is the first conservation program established under the ‘International Killifish Conservation Group’ (IKCG) in July 2021. This program aims to provide coordinated conservation breeding of all aquarium-kept species of the family Rivulidae. This coordination is intended to better utilize the capacity of rivulid experts around the world. To this end, all populations maintained in aquariums will be recorded as completely as possible and data sets will be generated from them, from which it will then be possible to deduce how securely these populations have become established in aquariums. From these data sets, rivulid experts should be able to recognize at an early stage if a species or population is threatening to disappear from aquaristics.


By enforcing continuous and consistent updates to the list of kept species, the IRCP is intended to serve as an indispensable information portal for all rivulid experts.

So far, more than 70 rivulid experts from all around the world are participating in the ‘International Rivulid Conservation Program’.

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